Jul 10, 2024
E. A. Review
E. A. Left us a review: We have had such a great experience with Rankin and Fiume. I would totally recommend them to anyone!
Jul 3, 2024
A. M. Review
A. M. Left us a review: Alaya had her first ortho appointment and she was a little apprehensive but the staff was very kind to her and made her feel very much as ease. My questions were answered thoroughly and professional and overall was a great experience and she is actually looking forward to her next ortho appointment with Dr. Rankin! 😀
Jun 19, 2024
Z. H. Review
Z. H. Left us a review: I love them so much they get all the work they need done and they are very polite and there the best orthodontist in the state 💕
Jun 19, 2024
Z. L. Review
Z. L. Left us a review: My son is not one to like going to dentist or doctors, although he has grown to love going to his dentist. This was our first visit to a new doctor, an orthodontist, and he did great! He was a bit nervous at first but then he was all good. He enjoyed his visit and looks forward to going back. The facility is wonderful, with three waiting rooms depending on your mood and needs, a beverage bar and we were even given a tour of the whole building which I wish other places did. Overall great experience and will recommend them to anyone who needs an orthodontist.
Jun 19, 2024
J. V. Review
J. V. Left us a review: I was nervous at first, but it turned out to be a good experience. I hope I can work there one day. The Dr. explained everything very well.
Jun 19, 2024
M. S. Review
M. S. Left us a review: It is rare to come across a business in today's day and age that is this well done. If I was to describe dental care in the 21st century, Rankin & Fiume would be my model. Modern, clean, inviting - there is no aspect of this practice that has not been thoroughly thought about. From the phone charging stations in the waiting room, to the most modern x-ray/camera and dental equipment - this office is a technical marvel. With that said, this orthodontic practice would be nothing without the friendly and engaging staff, technicians, and doctors. Rankin & Fiume is the complete package from beginning to end. Why anyone would go anywhere else is a mystery.
Jun 19, 2024
T. M. Review
T. M. Left us a review: This place is so nice peaceful and calm and the dental team is amazing and super sweet
Jun 19, 2024
R. H. Review
R. H. Left us a review: They were able to get us in and out in good time. My daughter said the braces didn't even hurt. The assistants are amazing and very patient. So far so good
Jul 14, 2023
C. M. Review
C. M. Left us a review: Wonderful staff and office. We’ve had a great experience
Jul 14, 2023
J. B. Review
J. B. Left us a review: I had braces twice with Rankin and Fiume. The entire staff is professional and always pleasant. The orthodontists made me feel comfortable and explained everything step by step! My teeth look great and I’m extremely happy with my results!